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  • Vancouver Traffic

    Data about traffic in Vancouver, buses, speed, etc.
  • Evo Car

    Data about Evo car sharing program - https://evo.ca
  • Beijing weather

    This dataset has no description

  • Car2Go

    Data from cars of Car2Go Car sharing program. https://www.car2go.com/CA/en/vancouver/
  • Vancouver weather

    This dataset has no description

  • London weather

    This dataset has no description

  • BC Surgical Wait Times

    BC surgical wait times for elective surgical procedures in British Columbia for adults aged 17 and older. Note that more than half of all surgeries are emergency or unplanned...
  • BC Schools - Teacher Statistics

    British Columbia Public School Teacher Statistics, includes all data used in public reports up to 2012/2013. Includes average age, salary, certification, years of experience and...
  • Surrey Drainage and Storm Water Infrastructure Data

    Drainage text annotation, catchments, detention ponds, devices, laterals/connections, mains and culverts, manholes, nodes, offset lines, open channels (ditches, creeks, rivers).
  • Drainage - Source

    Title: Drn_Source_gdb Purpose: Drainage storm sewer system inlets and catch basins Update: Weekly Data Type: vector digital data Contact Organisation: Township of Langley...
  • Drainage - Pump Station

    Title: Drn_Pumpstation_gdb Purpose: Drainage pump stations. These are utility flow structure that aids in maintaining flow and transport of storm water et al along drainage...
  • Drainage - Pipe

    Title: Drn_Pipe_gdb Abstract: Storm drainage pipes are linear features along drainage network which are use to capture surface water from structures such as roads and bridges...
  • Drainage - Node

    Title: Drn_Node_gdb Purpose: Drainage storm sewer system features that intersect at breakpoints along drainage main include junctions, outlets or caps. Update: Weekly Data...
  • Drainage - Manhole

    General Information Title: Drn_Manhole_gdb Abstract: Point features representing various structure locations along drainage network that allow access to chambers and pipes...
  • Drainage - Dyke

    Title: Dyke_gdb Abstract: Dykes are built up for flood protection such case as periods of raised water levels from snow melt or possible high tide events. Purpose: Dykes...
  • Drainage - Detention Pond

    Title: Drn_Detention_gdb Purpose: Drainage storm sewer system detention ponds Update: Weekly Data Type: vector digital data Contact Organisation: Township of Langley...
  • drainage - Culvert

    Title: Drn_Culvert_gdb Abstract: Linear features include: man made diversions usually under roads or along embankments. Types include wood, steel, pvc or concrete...
  • Drainage - Channel

    Abstract: Linear features are surficial, natural and man made waterways to direct surface drainage Purpose: Captures drainage including ditches, creeks, rivers, and swales...
  • Drainage - Connection

    Title: Drn_Connection_gdb Abstract: Linear pipes representing lateral connections from property boundary to Township drainage pipes in the drainage network. Properties...
  • Canadian Home Price Index

    The MLS® HPI is designed to be a reliable, consistent, and timely way of gauging changes in home prices. It is calculated each month and covers 10 major housing markets...
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